As an only child of an only child of an only child, I am predisposed to navel gazing. My work explores this vivid and sometimes chaotic inner realm of my own mind and experiences. This inner dialogue fuels my stories and feeds my need to convey my thoughts visually. My images are pages from my diary, representing specific moments in my life. Vintage objects and dresses become dialogue, an outlet for my inner hoarder. Dressing ideas in fanciful costume and discovering compelling locations is cathartic and seeing my ideas living and tangible through the lens of the camera is life giving to me. Born from personal frustrations, wish fulfillment, and a glaringly honest examination of my own shortcomings, my work reveals me.

Selected Shows

LightBox Photographic Gallery, Astoria, OR
Darkroom Gallery, Essex Junction, VT
Pyro Gallery, Louisville, KY
A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX
Kentucky Artisan Center at Berea, Berea, KY
Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
Fifth Avenue Art Gallery, Melbourne, FL
Loudon House, Lexington, KY
Photomedia Center, Erie, PA
The Center for Fine Arts Photography, Fort Collins, CO
Denver International Airport, Denver, CO
Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
Peninsula Museum of Art, Belmont, CA
Limner Gallery, Phoenicia, NY